Single Hop IPA Homebrew Kit

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Produced By: Home Brewtique

If you like the classic American IPA this is a great recipe to try!  The exclusive use of the Mosaic hop added in multiple stages creates a distinctive flavour of intense tropical fruit hop aroma and a balanced bitterness lingering in the finish.

This medium to light bodied beer, created with a blend of 3 malts, should have a medium gold/ copper colour with a good head on its shoulders.

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A beer is only as good as its ingredients.

If you’re going to spend the time to craft your own bespoke beers, it makes sense to start with the very best.
That’s why this recipe pack has the finest grains, all freshly milled by us just before shipping.   We use top quality hops from around the world compressed into a pellet form for easy handling and less liquid absorption. We then vacuum seal it all to ensure you receive the freshest possible ingredients.

Each recipe pack will make you 12, 330ml bottles of fruity IPA.

Each pack contains

  • Detailed step by step instruction booklet
  • Recipe card with notes section
  • Freshly milled grains, pre-measured hops and specialty yeast
  • Brewer’s Sugar
  • Kettle Finings (a seaweed derivative) which helps to clarify your beer
  • 2x no-rinse sanitiser sachets
  • 12 printed beer labels (customisable at checkout)

Estimated alcohol by Volume = 6.0%
•IBU (bitterness rating) = 40
•Aroma = bold hoppiness with citrus tones
•EBC (colour rating guide) = 11

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Ingredients: Malted barley blend (GLUTEN), hops (Mosaic), corn sugar (Dextrose Monohydrate) and US West Coast Yeast (packaged in a protected atmosphere), Kettle finings (carrageenan).

Storage: Please put your yeast and hops in your refrigerator to maintain optimum performance. Once bottled, store your beers in a cool and dark place until ready to drink – and remember pour slowly leaving the sediment layer behind!

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