The inspiration for beginning the Salubrious Sauce Co journey was taken from our nations, and my, love of three most quintessentially British dishes; The Great British Cooked Breakfast, the Sunday Roast, British BBQ and the iconic Fish & Chips! After years of the same old condiments & sauces I really believed they needed a bit more pep, and created my own zingy take on them. I hope you love them as much as I do!!

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Salubrious Sauce founders

Founder Jim Fennell and company director Conrad Whelan

SALUBRIOUS  – pronounced [sa-loo-bree-us]

Meaning – Favorable, Luxurious, Wholesome

The inspiration for beginning the Salubrious Sauce Co journey was taken from our nations (and my own) love of three of the most quintessentially British dishes; The Great British cooked breakfast, the Sunday roast and the iconic fish & chips! After years of using the same old condiments and sauces I really believed some of them were a bit outdated and bland.

I have always been passionate about good quality, home cooked food. A few years ago I started experimenting, making a range of different sauces for these different family meals. I used to bottle them up and using a handful of custom made labels with a picture of the family pet bulldog ‘Monty’ on them, I would give the sauces away as Christmas presents to family and friends.

I then made a big decision and decided to give up my job in London and try and turn making my sauces into a viable business, with the knowledge I had plenty of ideas for new products. As the business began to grow and I became busier and busier, I realised I required a helping hand to take the business forward and needed involvement from someone who had always encouraged me to sell the sauce and also believed in the true potential of it. Being an old friend of mine as well as a great business man, I asked Conrad during a fishing trip together if he would be interested in getting involved……….He said ‘yes’!

Salubrious Sauce Co was officially formed at the beginning of 2016 and we now produce three delicious sauces, with a fourth due for release in April……….All of our sauces are initially tried and tested amongst our children, extended family and friends, in order to fine tune them, before we produce them for you to enjoy.

A modern and zingy take on quintessentially British sauces for BBQ, sunday roast, breakfast and fish and chips.

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