Replenish Superfood Booster Blend

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Replenish Superfood Booster Blend

Replenish Blend Contains hemp protein, pea protein, cacao, lucuma and pink himalayan salt

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Gluten Free

Paleo Friendly



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Health benefits of our Replenish Blend:

  • High in fiber to restore natural digestion
  • Rich in proteins and omega fatty acids
  • Restores natural energy levels
  • Contains vitamins and minerals to support immune system function

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Hemp protein

An easily-digested source of plant protein, rich in omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9. This healthy, dairy-free protein contributes to building lean muscle mass, and to keeping your immune system in top shape.

Pea protein

The humble pea never felt so good about itself until now. Pea protein has a protein content of around 80%, making it truly replenishing — that’s why we chose it for this blend.


When it’s not being saturated with sugar, cocoa is full of naturally-occurring antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, which contribute to maintaining healthy blood pressure.


Known as the Gold of the Incas. This fragrant superfood contains high levels of vitamins and minerals to support energy production, and support your immune system and return you to your best.

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt contains over eighty minerals, including sulphate, magnesium, bromide, borate, strontium and fluoride. This immense nutrient concentration makes Himalayan salt ideal for restoring your electrolyte balance after exercise.

Store in a cool. dry place.

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