Rana was diagnosed in 2012 with coeliac disease and struggled to find the one key thing she really loved and missed in her new diet - crusty fresh bread! After lots of searching she decided that the only way was to create her own. So, combining efforts with Alexander they set up Ranas Artisan Bakery. Ranas Bakery now creates a fantastic array of great fresh breads and mixes, all suitable for gluten free and suitable for coeliacs, that you will love!

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In 2012 Rana, our founder, was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Before her diagnosis, she suffered from the usual symptoms; tiredness, bloated stomach, digestion problems, foggy brain and irritability to name a few. For years it seemed normal to feel sluggish and tired. After being diagnosed by her GP and Gastroentrologist she was so relieved to finally understand what was wrong. To help adapt to a new gluten free diet, she set out on a mission to find great tasting gluten free food. She tried everything, but the one thing she couldn’t find anywhere was delicious, crusty bread, and it was the thing she missed the most. She knew the problem, and now needed to find a solution.

Teaming up with her friend Alexander, a lifelong food and drink lover, they scoured the globe for ideas & perfected our recipes. Together they started Rana’s Artisan Bread with the mission to create gluten free, artisan bread that everyone would love. They now create the most delicious, gluten free, sourdough loaves, rolls, bagels, baguettes, pizza bases and so much more!

As the Managing Director Rana continues the search for the finest artisan gluten free bread, overseeing every detail of bread production and Alexander is the Operations Director, making sure their delicious bread mixes arrive at your door promptly and efficiently!

We have a fantastic range of sourdough mixes as well as fresh breads.

Our gluten free bread and bread mixes are available in larger quantities and sizes for trade and wholesale customers.

We bake to order so all your gluten free breads are fresh when you receive them. We deliver baked bread throughout the UK.

We happily bake for any events you might have, such as weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Gluten free sourdough breads and mixes of the highest taste, texture and quality.

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