Quince Eau de Vie 375ml

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Quince Eau de Vie, 375ml
Produced By: Capreolus Distillery
Sold By: Drink Artisan

Extremely clean rose water and honey perfume, undercurrents of pears, apple and lemon peel. 

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It is hard to express our distiller Barney Wilczak’s pleasure and excitement to work with this incredible fruit. With the arrival of 935kg of English grown quinces the distillery was immediately filled with the most heavenly scent you
could imagine.

However, it is an extremely hard fruit to work with. The fine fluff that covers these hand picked fruit contains an essential oil that becomes rancid after distillation. Fourteen hours of hand scrubbing with brushes removed every trace of this fluff. Dry and tannic, it needs expert preparation for a slow and successful ferment that preserves its wild aromas. Another wait of 8 weeks before a gentle double distillation. With 25kg of fruit to every litre the result is extraordinary.

The result:

Extremely clean rose water and honey perfume, undercurrents of pears, apple and lemon peel. Much finer and brighter than quince jams.

The palate mirrors the nose and adds sweet and sour notes, fantastic weight and an incredibly long finish.

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