With a background in nursing, our founder Ineke has a passion to change the way we eat and live. As part of our philosophy we have committed to help fund projects to improve sustainable food and water access in Africa, and to fund micro-businesses of young adults leaving orphanages.

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About the Nourish Founder

I have had an interesting journey with food, but my diet really changed when following a volunteer trip to Uganda. I was advised to try a gluten free period followed by dairy free to see if it would cure my constant, upset, bloated stomach.  I trialled this and as a result, I excluded gluten (although not strictly,) and felt better for it.

However, it was not necessarily the healthiest way to live, as being gluten free does not necessarily mean you are being nourished from the food you eat. In fact the longer I was gluten free the more I became a sugar addict. This was compounded by my belief that low fat diets were healthy. I was a registered practice nurse and would regularly talk to patients about their diet, following guidelines set up by the various ‘regulatory bodies’. So my diet became based around a lot of fruit, soya milk coffees (sometimes decaf), low-fat yoghurt, salads with minimal carbohydrates, and some meat. While in it-self there was a lot of healthy food I was eating, I certainly wasn’t being nourished completely and was lacking some important nutrients/fats. An extra large soya coffee with a sweet chocolate gluten-free cheesecake brownie for lunch left me feeling full, but did not nourish me, particularly when  at 3pm that afternoon I would crave something to eat so have fruit, and then puzzle over why only 30 minutes later I was hungry again and have such a bloated stomach.



Given all this in the background, I started to read and make changes to our diet as a family. I had figured out that I was living from one sugar high to the next. Moreover my real passion for finding out more was seeing the effects of sugar on my daughter who at the time was just over two years old. Wanting to give her the best possible start in life, I started to investigate and write recipes for our family. There has been a lot of trial and error along the way and still is. Not everything turns out the first time. But it is a gradual change.This website is a work in progress. There are a lot of valuable resources available at our fingertips today and a lot of information about the next best change you should make to your diet. On top of this is the pressure in society to conform to a certain image. This is certainly not the aim of my journey. I have learnt and continue to be amazed that the life we have been given is such a gift. We have been created incredibly, the mind boggles at the intricacy of how we are knitted together. Every single person is unique and that is something we must treasure. I believe that nurturing this incredible body from the inside out is of infinite value and this is both spiritually and physically. I would love to have you join me in this journey and hear your stories as well.

Remember that it is gradual changes, for some people changing their entire pantry is something they may want to do, but for others starting with changing one meal a day to be based around more whole-food is a massive positive step in starting to nourish their bodies from the inside out. I look forward to sharing recipes and articles with you. For more information on the way we eat look at the philosophy link.

Food is a gift and is there to not only nourish you, but to be enjoyed.

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