Micro-producer of fudge as it should be! Made with traditional ingredients: butter + milk + sugar = yummy crumbly buttery chunks of handmade fudge from Farnham. Choose from over 30 flavours! We've made appearances in Prince Charles' back garden, as well as David Cameron when he was PM. We're also multi-award winning including two Great Taste Gold Star awards for our Salt Caramel Fudge and Ginger Fudge.

  • Family Run Business
  • Independent Company
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Small Business
  • Award Winning
  • Handmade Products
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Micro-producer of fudge as it should be! Made with traditional ingredients: butter + milk + sugar = yummy crumbly buttery chunks of handmade fudge from Farnham. Choose from over 30 flavours!

What is great about your fudge?

We make our fudge to a family recipe with a few modern twists, happily responding our customers' tastes and flavour requests. Simple honest ingredients with no unnecessary additives mean our fudge has a shelf life of eight weeks ... unless you open the eye-candy packet, then it's gone in a moment!

We believe fudge should be:

  • not chewy, not gariny but just right inbetweeny
  • made in very small batches for freshness
  • cut carefully to maximise the crumbly bits that are so essential for quality control tests
  • packed attractivey and in sensible sized bags - small 50g for when you are feeling niblly and large 125g bags for sharing...or not as teh case may be
  • made in a decent range of scrummy flavours
  • fashioned traditinally...but not old fashioned
  • delicious, obviously!

Not chewy, not grainy but just right in betweeny...super fudge to love for the young and old.

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