Kelp Seaweed Pouch

20g/ml (£18.50/100) ? Per 100g or 100ml
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Kelp Seaweed Pouch
Produced By: Ebb Tides Seaweeds

Whole kelp packaged in a resealable plastic pouch to ensure freshness.
Hand harvested by Ebb Tides in Devon

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Savoury, earthy, umami saltiness binds flavours together. Create Miso and Dashi stocks.
Shake into casseroles, stews, curry’s and bean dishes-try with beans on toast!

Eat cooked or rehydrated.

Our whole kelp is deliciously earthy and super versatile.
Soak overnight or boil for 30 minutes until tender. Then finely chop and add to pasta, noodles, casseroles or meat dishes. Lovely in lasagne, excellent with eggs!

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Kelp – dried mixed seaweeds:
Forest kelp (Laminaria hyperborean)
Oar Weed (Laminaria digitata)
Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissimi)

This product may contain traces of shellfish
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Store in a dark, cool, dry place. Contents may settle.
Pouch: Plastic. Please check local recycling guidelines


Eat cooked or rehydrated.

Store in a cool, dry location

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