We’re the oldest brewery on the Isle of Wight and one of the first independent craft beer producers in the UK.

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You may think that being based on the Isle of Wight mightn’t make too much difference to the process of brewing a great pint – whether you call it craft beer or real ale. In fact it makes a lot more difference than you’d imagine. Our barley is grown here on the Island and the mains water supply to the brewery comes via a fresh water spring just a few miles down the road at Knighton. We think that provenance should be taken seriously, so for us these truly local ingredients don’t just make a difference, they make all the difference.

Holy trinity of beer

After barley and water, the last vital ingredient for beer is hops. Hops haven’t been grown on the Isle of Wight for over a hundred years, but sometimes we get the opportunity to use hops that have been cultivated at the Ventnor Botanic Garden right here on the Island, which is always a cause for celebration. Otherwise all the hops used in our beer are carefully selected by Nigel, our head brewer to ensure only the finest are welcomed though the brew house door.We think you will appreciate the care taken in sourcing our main ingredients as well as the very traditional way in which every pint of Goddards beer is ‘born and brewed on the Isle of Wight’.

Born and Brewed on the Isle of Wight

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