Duck Gésiers (Gésiers de Canard Confit) 250g

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While travelling in the South West of France we came across this most delicious and surprising of regional specialities.

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While travelling in the South West of France we came across this most delicious and surprising of regional specialities.  We already produce a duck confit from the free-range ducks bred by Dan at Sladesdown Farm in Devon (which is very popular with our foodie customers) so we decided to push the boundaries by producing our own recipe for gésiers.  At first glance the ingredients do not look very appealing, but I can assure you that once cured and made into a slow-cooked confit and served warm over a salad or with pan-fried potatoes they are the most beautiful, soft, flavourful nuggets of joy.  A gésiers is the gizzard which is the strong muscle used by the ducks to grind corn.  We like to use every part of every bird and animal in the smokehouse so that there is little or no waste.  I hope you will try this and enjoy it as much as we do. 

To serve fry gently in a little of the confit duck fat until it colours slightly and then cut into bite-sizes morsels and serve over a salad.  I like to cube and roast squash to toss into the salad which adds to the sweetness and depth of the dish.  Each pack has 250g of gésiers which is enough for two people to share as a starter or one as a main meal.

'Champion Cured Meat' Award - Taste of the West 2015
The judges said

Great aroma, fresh and slightly gamey. They look appetising – just as they should with just the right amount of fat and moisture. Beautifully soft and tender to eat.

Their flavour is utterly delicious. An innovative, absolutely faultless product.

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