Chorizo for cooking 100g

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Produced By: Capreolus

Our chorizo is made from free-range Dorset pork and is heavily seasoned with Spanish smoked paprika (single Estate, artisan produced), garlic, and cayenne pepper for heat. 

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Free-range pork is cured and flavoured with smoked Spanish paprika, sweet Ancho chilli, Spanish Purple Garlic and cayenne pepper for heat. This chorizo is described as 'medium' heat. The sausages are filled into natural hog casing before being fermented and air-dried.

Lactose and gluten-free.

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Pork, pork fat, salt, paprika, ancho chilli, garlic, cayenne pepper.

Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid.

145g meat used for 100g product.

Ambient transport and display/storage.

90 days Best Before

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