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    The Great British Larder wants to connect customers with the fabulous food and drink producers across our green and bounteous land. To reinvigorate customers to buy British produce. We passionately believe, buy British where we can, in the process reducing food miles & unnecessary packaging – plus the produce is often cheaper & far better quality!

  • discover Local


    We believe in supporting local communities. Independent research by CPRE has shown that for every £1 spent in a national supermarket the benefit to local economy is about 35 pence, but spend that £1 on local produce from independent shops and it brings £2 of benefit. Buying local increases also local prosperity and community, in every way!

  • discover Quality


    The Great British Larder are self-professed foodies, and we make no excuses by saying British food and drink is truly world class! Move away from the commercially, production line produced products and try the taste sensation of small batch, artisan produced food and drink. Explore new tastes & textures, or rediscover forgotten favourites made with love!

  • discover Provenance


    We connect customers direct with producers, truly farm to fork, allowing you to find out more about the products they make and why they do what they do. We believe you want to hear their stories, understand the provenance of their products, the welfare of their animals, and the principals they uphold to ensure they match your personal beliefs.

  • fairness Fairness


    By connecting producers directly with customers, we reduce the length of the supply chain, increasing revenue passed back to the producer, in turn reducing price & increasing profitability. We also provide various business support services for our producers alongside our marketplace as we want our producers to grow, and grow profitably.

  • convenience Convenience


    We recognize that buying local is great in concept, but it also needs to be convenient. For this reason, we currently offer a direct ship model, from producers to you, but we plan to implement a national click and collect service early in 2018 as our customers have told us this is the perfect blend between accessibility and convenience. Watch this space!

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Some of Ourproducers

  • The Rustic Dish
    The Rustic Dish

    The Rustic Dish

  • Home Brewtique
    Home Brewtique

    Home Brewtique

  • Young In Spirit
    Young In Spirit

    Young In Spirit

  • Brinkworth Dairy

  • The Nut Kitchen
    The Nut Kitchen

    The Nut Kitchen

  • Greeneverywhere

  • Kingfisher Chilli
    Kingfisher Chilli

    Kingfisher Chilli