The Polo Players Choice of Small Batch Organic Gin Hand Crafted By Artisans.

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From experience, we felt that there was a gap in the market for an 100% organic gin that was easy to drink. The gin had to be smooth enough to be drunk on the rocks, but still retaining the classic gin avour which is crucial
to allow it to cut through tonic. It was important for us to do this because this allows the gin to be very versatile to both the end consumer and also to bars.
To achieve these goals we have used the below techniques which prove to be real talking points with consumers: 

100% Organic, certified by The Soil Association – As all consumers know, organic credentials in what we eat and drink, are increasingly important to us all. To this end, by using solely 100% organic ingredients in British Polo Gin®, the ‘chemically’ taste that is often found in mass produced gins is nowhere to be found. This comes at considerable extra cost to us but is well worth the investment as it creates a much smoother, richer and softer tasting product for you to enjoy!
Quadruple Distilled – British Polo Gin® is exceptionally smooth, full of flavour and doesn’t have the sharp alcoholic ‘smack’ that many gins on the market have.
Mixed with 100% organic natural spring water – The gin comes out of the still at 98% proof and therefore has to be watered down to 42.7% abv. Most distilleries will use distilled water, (commonly derived from tap water), which in British Polo Gin’s® opinion, completely dilutes the flavour of the spirit. By using pure spring water, drawn from the land surrounding the distillery itself, distillers are actually building a unique flavour, rather than diluting it.    
Gluten Free – All of the alcohol is distilled from sugar beet. This is really important as it gives the gin an exceptionally smooth, rounded and faintly sweet finish to British Polo Gin®. It also means that the gin is gluten free.
Small Batch – Batches of just 150 bottles are very important as it allows for unique quality control in the distilling process. As soon as the distillate becomes pure, bottling can begin.

Small Batch – All of our gins are filtered through vegetable fibres instead of Isinglass derived filters.
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