Welcome to Briscoe's Jellies Briscoe's Jellies are a new concept in fine condiments. Locally sourced ingredients mean each jar has a traceable set of ingredients and is freshly prepared on the premises to ensure a top quality product is delivered. Our range covers the conventional to the experimental. From Simple Cranberry to Sinful Cinnamon there is an accompaniment to each and every dish. Try a serving of Marvellous Mint with a Lamb dinner or a touch of Lovely Lavender in a traditional Panacotta - Just Perfect! Liven up any dinner table with one or more of these unique jellies and wow your guests with a new taste sensation from Briscoe's

  • Family Run Business
  • Independent Company
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Small Business
  • Award Winning
  • Sustainable Sourcing
  • Handmade Products
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After meeting at University in 1993 Paula and Jon formed an incredible relationship both personally and in business. They set about their careers with a dream of opening their own business in the food and drink sector. By 2005 they had opened three pub restaurants in the South East including their flagship site The Jolly Farmers, the multi award-winning pub, eatery and Farm shop in Reigate, renowned as the UK’s first pub, eatery and fully integrated farm shop concept.

 In 2006 Paula and Jon launched an initiative to reduce waste and encourage enterprise, their “cash-4-crops scheme” was launched to encourage customers to bring in their excess home-grown fruit and vegetables in exchange for vouchers to use within their establishments. It was an abundance of apples collected through the scheme that kick-started Paula experimenting. Before long the very first of the Briscoe’s Jellies appeared on their menus, chilli was the first but soon more flavours were added as the range extended. All tested on their menus and sold within their own farm shop.

In 2015, the Briscoe’s sold their pubs and set their minds to developing their handmade jellies. Seasonal specials, limited editions and wonderful new flavours are still to come.  And one thing’s for sure: savoury or sweet, whatever the dish, there’s a Briscoe’s Jelly just waiting to take it to new heights and give a twist.


Briscoe’s Artisan jellies are completely different from those which are commercially produced. Traditional jelly making delivers a clearly unique result beautiful in both presentation and taste. The time-honoured traditional techniques used create a soft and clear set product with a unique ability to preserve flavour, lending itself to many more uses than most people would ever believe.

 How to use

Dip, spread, mix or add, to enhance your favourite foods with wonderful flavours. Whether adding to gravies, enjoying on the plate, accompanying cheeses, meats or adding flavour to vegetarian & vegan dishes or simply on toast for breakfast… they’ll be a jellyment to suit.

 Jellyment for you…

We sell to numerous farm shops, delis, garden centres, café’s, shops, hotels and for hampers. Our range is always expanding and our whole range can be found at our online store along with our popular “pick n mix” gift packs. We also offer bespoke own label service or personalized wedding favours & gifts. Please call us as we are always excited in discussing how we can create a jellyment for you.

 A few tips we have learnt along the way:

  1. When using in cooking (glazing vegetables, or in a stir fry), always add at the very end so not to burn the jelly / caramelize the sugar.
  2. When melting in the microwave, be careful as it will be extremely HOT!

We hope you enjoy experimenting as much as we continue to do so, and please don’t forget to share your findings with us on Facebook or Twitter.

 Paula and Jon Briscoe

Tastes that will turn your legs to Jelly

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