Multi award winning dairy and creators of the original Wiltshire loaf, created generations ago and that we still proudly make to the original method. We have a small herd of Friesian, like our extended family, whose happiness is most important to us, allowing us to create award winning cheese, milk, cream and yoghurt.

  • Family Run Business
  • Independent Company
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Raw Food
  • Sustainable Sourcing
  • Handmade Products
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Our family has farmed at Hill End Farm since 1910 when we established our pedigree Friesian herd. All of our cows are reared on our sustainable family farm, treated with care and respect like members of our extended family!

Brinkworth Dairy cows graze on the traditional lush pastures of the Dauntsey Vale. Although the herd is relatively small, currently only 95, this means the cows are not stressed and the milk is extremely clean. although we are not accerdited organic, as this woudl mean we need to turn the soil so destroying the natural biome, we keep any chemical and medicei use to an absolite minimum. We never graze the cows on treated lad for at least 3 weeks after treatment, and this means we have superb coverage of mixed pasture that the cows love such as sweet clover and succekltn mixed grasses.

The milk is taken to the dairy immediately after milking and are recognised locally as premium prodcuers of the highest quality milk and cream. All produce is fresh, direct from the farm and is produced on the principals of sustainably and permaculture.

Wiltshire Loaf has won the "Best Territorial Cheese" at the British Cheese Awards, and still adheers to the recipe and production method that our family originated generations ago. All of our cheeses are had turned, hand brushed and aerrated as well as being hand cut.

We're so proud that the hard work and commitment that goes into creating our outstanding cheese in the traditional Wiltshire style has been rewarded, and the awards keep coming!

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Award winning dairy products, hand created with lo ve and care

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